How We Started

We first opened our doors for business in January of 1997, but the idea of Stoller Lawn & Garden began long before that. Ken had always dreamed of opening his own lawn mower business. (In fact, this is actually his second venture—his first was Ken's Mower Repair at his home when he was in high school.) For many years he worked for others, starting as a mechanic and eventually ending up as a manager in a local shop.

Ken married Lori Steiner in 1984 and together they have five children, four boys and one girl. By the mid 1990s the oldest boys were getting close to the age where they needed something profitable to do with their spare time after school and during the summer months.

By combining the dream of his own business with the ideal of working side by side with his children, Ken created Stoller Lawn & Garden. A site for the building was selected close enough to home that it was within easy walking distance for the family, and indeed, getting the business up and running was a whole family affair.

Today, more than 10 years later, most of the family still works there although some have ventured out on their own. Bradley still helps part-time, but also has his own lawn mowing business, Brad's Lawn Care, on the side. Jason is the parts manager. Brian has been promoted from just a shelf-stocker to waiting on customers now. And Lori, Ken's wife, is a dedicated now as she ever was, running errands almost daily, providing lunches, and being patient with the rest of the family when the hours get late and dinner gets cold.